This or That: Tech Edition


Miranda Tornatore

One of Sam’s favorites devices is an iPad.

We interviewed seventh grader Sam Turk-Peavler about some of the world’s biggest tech debates, all the way from Apple products to Spotify. Read more about what Sam had to say about his favorite tech gadgets.

Apple or Android?
Sam: Android

Learn on the iPad or from a book?
Sam: Book

Earbuds or headphones?
Sam: Headphones

iPad or iPhone?
Sam: iPad

Xbox or PlayStation?
Sam: PlayStation

Siri or Alexa?
Sam: Siri

Safari or Chrome?
Sam: Chrome

Spotify or Pandora?
Sam: Pandora

Laptop or Desktop?
Sam: Laptop

Touchscreen or keyboard?
Sam: Keyboard

So there you have it: Some of Sam’s favorite gadgets. Stay tuned for the next edition of This or That focusing on foods!