Tune Talk: Top 3 Indie Albums

Willie Williams , Staff Writer

3. Bleach by Nirvana (1989)
Yes I know. Nirvana has never really been classified an indie band. You have to believe me here though. This was Nirvana’s one and only indie album. Nirvana has always been classified as a grunge band or alternative rock band, but this was there one and only time that they chose to be indie. Most people WILL disagree with the fact that I put Nirvana’s first album on this list. But we all know that Nirvana is known to be one of the greatest bands of all time. On this album we got some great hits like “Big Cheese,” “Downer,” “Blew,” “Floyd the Barber,” “Paper Cuts,” “Negative Creep,” and two of their biggest hits, “About a Girl,” and “School.”

2. Turn on the Bright Lights by Interpol (2002)
Interpol is one of the most recognizable bands whenever it comes to indie music. Although you may or may not go up to your friends and randomly ask them, “Hey, you’re an indie music fan, do you like Interpol,” that doesn’t mean that their not widely known across the globe. In fact, Interpol is so popular that their tickets go to about $135 a ticket just to see them live. No VIP or anything, just seats. Anyways, this album is known to be Interpol’s greatest work. Obviously since their biggest hit is on it. On this album we got some great hit singles like “Obstacle 2,” “Hands Away,” “Say Hello to Angels,” “Obstacle 1,” “Roland,” and their biggest hit on the album, “PDA.”

1.Daydream Nation by Sonic Youth (1988)
Sonic Youth is known to literally be the greatest indie band of all time. Other than apparently Neutral Milk Hotel. Sonic Youth influenced so many bands within their time of being a band. These bands include Dinosaur Jr., My Bloody Valentine, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Beck, Cat Power, and even the greatest grunge band, Nirvana. This album, as well as all of their others were all wildly successful. But of course, this one stands out from the others in its own special way. On this album we got some of Sonic Youth’s greatest hits like “Silver Rocket,” “Hey Joni,” “Total Trash,” “Providence,” “The Sprawl,” “Candle,” “Rain King,” and “Teen Age Riot.”