Tune Talk Album Review: BlesstheFall Hard Feelings

Willie Williams , Staff Writer

Most new albums that we’ve gotten this year that’re like this type of music are more towards the pop genre. Bands like Linkin Park, Panic! At the Disco, Fallout Boy, and so on. But thank goodness we got some rock bands that’re sticking with their classic music that their fans love them for. Although BlesstheFall isn’t actually a “rock band” per say. They’re actually a Post-Hardcore, metal core band and they’re actually Christian Hardcore as well. If I’d compare these guys to any other band, I’d definitely compare them to Linkin Park. BlesstheFall is just heavier.

Track 1: Wishful Sinking
This song has so many mixed emotions thrown into one and somehow it formed itself into a song. This song is a great one to kick off the start of BlesstheFall’s new music of 2018. The intro to this song couldn’t have been any more perfect with its suspenseful misty like sound and drum fill entrance. I can guarantee that the guitar of this song will be one of the BlesstheFall songs that their fans will always remember. All of their fans have been waiting anxiously for this new album, and this is the song that’ll get all of them, including me, pumped to listen.

Track 2: Find Yourself
I just listened to this song just as I was writing this story and I can definitely say it’s worth the listen. This song is one of BlesstheFall’s calmer songs. So of course that just means it’s minus the screaming. This song is actually one of BlesstheFall’s more inspirational songs where they’re telling teenagers to find themselves. They’re all worth something in the world. And that you should be remembered for the person that you are.

Track 3: Melodramatic
This song was the first song that I’ve heard off of this album before I actually decided to do this album review and it’s actually one of my favorites. I’m one of the emo kids in this school that loves his share of screamo type of music. Not saying that this song has a lot of screaming. There’s a fair share of it in this one but not as much as the first track of this album. This song is more of a rebellious type of tune. It’s got lyrics like “if you wanted a war, I guess you got what you came for,” and “You’ll try and you’ll fail, I’ll be the one that prevails.”

Track 4: Feeling Low
This song is another one of the slow pace BlesstheFall songs that I fall in love with. I could never pick between their faster or slower songs simply because they’re just too perfect sounding to my ears. This song is actually really deep and meaningful with its meaning. This song is actually mainly about teens suffering with depression and anxiety. It’s actually got some lyrics that teenagers can really relate to. Drama wise I mean. “Before you go, tell me I’m worth dying for,” “You told me I was your best mistake that you were taking to your grave.” So of course the classic teenage lyrics as I’ve already mentioned.

Track 5: Cutthroat
Here’s where it gets heavy. I’d say this is the second BlesstheFall song I’ve heard before actually reviewing this album. If you hate screaming, I’d skip over this one. I personally think it sounds good including the screaming parts. The chorus is peaceful and beautiful and it’s yet another good rebellious song that teens and adults can really relate to. I’ve actually read that there are rumors that one of the band member wrote this song about their ex-girlfriend. Mostly because the chorus says, “So stay away, we’ve been down this road before, been barely holding on for so long,” and “It’s safe to say, I can’t do this anymore.”

Track 6: I’m Over Being Under(rated)
Interesting intro to this one. Really fast tempo so of course I’m going to like it. But then after the short intro it instantly drops to a slow guitar part. This one is another softer one if that’s what you guys are into. Definitely sounds really good though, I love the rhythm and melodies to this one. This is another song that’s supposedly about one of the band members past relationships, and people think so because the lyrics say, “Please tell me somebody’s out there, yeah I already know what you’ll say, that you’re overrated,” and “No one can save me now, you hold me up just to bring me down.” But then again someone else says that the song is about the band being different than everyone else.

Track 7: Sleepless in Phoenix
This and Melodramatic are the only songs that have music videos and I can definitely say this one gets the cake for the better music video. Not only is the song beautiful in general, but the music just adds more emotion and drama to the song itself. There’s this kid who buys this old used TV and it keeps getting dumped everywhere because nobody wants it but BlesstheFall is playing inside the TV the entire time the TV is being taken somewhere new. At one point it even gets dumped into a pool and there’s just random people swimming around it. Don’t worry though. BlesstheFall isn’t trapped in the TV, they’re on tour right now.

Track 8: Keep Me Close
Yet another nice and clam intro for BlesstheFall. Not for long though. It gets within the first 30 seconds of the song then goes back to soft. So in other words, classic BlesstheFall. I feel like these songs are actually getting softer and softer as I go through the album. And to be honest, these songs are the most personal songs that I’ve ever heard from BlesstheFall. Great song in general though. This one sounds like it was written to a specific girl though. I did some research and nobody knows for sure what this song is about.

Track 9: Sakura Blues
Softer and softer. This one is so soft that it has a piano in the beginning of the song. Don’t worry thought because BAM…BlesstheFall blasts their way into the song. I’d say this is one of my favorites on this now with the guitar in general and the vocals collaborating together. It sounds really good. This one actually might be my favorite off of this album in general. I’d definitely recommend this one to any new or current BlesstheFall fan who hasn’t heard of this one yet.

Track 10: Welcome Home
The perfect way to end an album is with a perfect ending song. An intense guitar solo as well as a heavy song in general. I got no more words than awesome for this song..