Top 3 Best Rap-Metal Bands

Willie Williams, Staff Writer

3. Linkin Park (1996-2017)
Known pretty much by everyone by now, Linkin Park was already known by most teens who pretty much acted as emo as possible. But whenever Linkin Park lost their lead singer to suicide, Chester Bennington, their fame only grew more. Linkin Park was at the height of their career in the early to mid-2000’s with the releases of their biggest albums, “Hybrid Theory,” and “Meteora.” Linkin Park did actually lose some of their fame with their newer albums that didn’t get as much fame as their older work, but still got them on the charts. Linkin Park will always be known for the shared vocals, Chester Bennington and Mike Shinoda, where Chester would scream and sing, and Mike would rap.

2. System of Down (1994-Present)
Although System of a Down has had its bumps along the way of their success, they’ve always been widely known across the globe for their sensational hit song, “Chop Suey!” With this song came a chart topping album, “Toxicity.” With System of a Down’s hiatus in 2006 prior to the double release of their two newest albums, “Mezmerize,” and “Hypnotize,” the hiatus only had fans hungry for more of their music. Although we STILL don’t have a new System of a Down album and it’s 2018, they’ll never not be brought up whenever somebody (whom is a huge rap metal fan) is asked who the best rap metal bands of all time are.

1. Rage Against the Machine (1991-2011)
Known as the greatest rap metal band of all time, Rage Against the Machine had revolutionized the world of rap metal within their time of being a band. Although they’re no longer together, their music is still played on a constant basis on the radio, Spotify, and people are still buying their records. With their first album, “The Battle of Los Angeles,” they’ve always been at the top of the charts and recommended to all new rap artist fans. Even I would recommend it since my favorite song by Rage Against the Machine is on that album, “Testify.” Rage Against the Machine has always been known as the best of the best when it comes to what they do.