SUPER SUB: Senora Claar


Kerry Naylor

Senora Claar was alegendary teacher at B-A who continues to come back and work as a super sub.

Bellwood-Antis has been blessed with not only having Senora Claar as a Spanish teacher for 33 years but also a substitute since she retired in 2014. She has a passion for sharing her love for Spanish culture but substitutes in any class where she is needed. She also helps facilitate to teen issues groups with Debbie Vladic on Mondays.

Senora Claar said she loves Bellwood-Antis and the community with all of her heart. She said retirement can be lonely and isolating, so coming back to BAHS gives structure to her day.

Bellwood is a shining example of what a community should be.”

— Senora Claar

“Bellwood is a shining example of what a community should be,” said Claar. There are many traditions within the community she’s fond of, but Senora Claar adores the fact that when individuals or families are in need, people in the community don’t hesitate to help out.

Senora Claar enjoys seeing the students and her former colleagues and staff. She loves to offer encouragement and positivity to anyone who needs it.

B-A students appreciate Senora Claar as much as she does them.

“It makes me feel like my grandma came in for the day,” said senior Olivia Thomas when asked about sub days with Senora CLaar. “She always talks to me about my life and makes sure I’m okay, plus a lot of the time she brings me food. I love her.”

Another senior, Dylan Wilson, said “I get excited (when Senora Claar subs. She’s cool.”

Everybody gets excited when they see Senora as their substitute or even just seeing her in the hallways. She radiates  energy and positivity that gives a warm, happy feeling. She can make anyone’s day with just one compliment or conversation.

Senora Claar has impacted countless people in the school and community.