Backyard Brawl Design Contest Underway

Artists From Rival Schools Design Shirts for the Big Game


Rachel Harris

Sophomore Rozalyn Yancey had her Backyard Brawl t-shirt design selected for entrance in a contest pitting artists from B-A against artists from Tyrone in a battle to see who makes the best Backyard Brawl shirts.

Rivals Bellwood-Antis  and Tyrone not only have an annual  fight for the best football teams, but now there’s  a competition for which school can come up with the best Backyard Brawl t-shirts.

Art students from the rival schools are participating in a contest make the best Backyard Brawl t-shirts.

According to those involved, the idea originated from Bellwood cheer mom Marie Potter, who sees it as a way of bring the rival communities together.

Each school picked its winner Friday May 9, and it was sent to the Daily Herald in Tyrone for the communities to pick the best design.  The winner from Bellwood-Antis is sophomore Rozalyn Yancey.

“The Herald’s readers and the community will cast their votes to select Bellwood and Tyrone’s Official backyard Brawl t-shirt design by June 2, if possible” Mrs. Potter said.  “Once the design is picked, the Herald will run it with an order form with both of the choices from the Bellwood cheerleaders and the Tyrone cheerleaders.”

“I have to give Marie all the credit. She contracted me last year after we realized there were two designs (for Brawl t-shirts) with the idea to involve the students. I believe the students should be involved in the design and be part of supporting their fellow classmates from the design to the sale and cheering the team on the night of the game,” said cheer mom Tara Morrison.

Bellwood-Antis art teacher Mrs. Leah McNaul said, “There are some promising designs.”

She said that all four of her high school art classes designed a t-shirts.

It’s really important that we embrace our two communities together.”

— Bellwood-Antis Cheer Mom Marie Potter

Tyrone Art teacher Mr. Eric Feather said that he was contracted about a month ago by Tara Morrison and Marie Potter. He also said it’s a great idea to have a creative brawl between the Tyrone and Bellwood students leading up to the game.

“This is the first year of the contest, so I predict it will grow in interest and participating students in the coming years,” Mr. Feather said.

Mrs. Potter said she hoped the activity would raise school spirit.

“It’s really important that we embrace our two communities together. During football season, basketball, wresting or any other sport we are strong rivals with each other, so much so that at times some bad choice are made or sad things are said. But in the end Tyrone and Bellwood share sisters, mothers,  brothers, dads, cousins and the like.”  said Mrs. Potter.

Potter and Morrison both thanked Mrs. McNaul, Mr. Feather and the Daily Herald for their support in this project.