Spotlight On Staff: Ben Nofsker

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Spotlight On Staff: Ben Nofsker

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Name: Ben Nofsker

Age: 17

Years in BluePrint:

Currently my first year

What do you enjoy about BP?

I enjoy the fact that I get to improve my writing skills by completing stories that I wouldn’t normally do and being able to get out and talk to people who I still wouldn’t normally talk to. It’s empowering for me to expand my knowledge in aspects I didn’t know about.

What’s your favorite things you’ve done in BP so far?

That’s a tough question. I’d have to say that  my favorite thing I’ve done thus far in BP is making my narrative and getting acquainted with new people I haven’t engaged with in an average setting.

What would you tell a person considering joining BP?

I would say that it’s an amazing experience that shouldn’t be wasted. BP has a great staff that are willing to help and aren’t afraid to say what you need to hear to make you improve and grow as both a person and as a writer.

What are you involved in outside of BP?      

I’m currently not involved in anything else outside of BP, but I do help with what I can when I am not working.