HOLIDAY-ISH: National Saxophone Day!


Two years ago, during Christmas time, my mom told me that I was getting one present because it was a big one.

So naturally, I had a dream that she bought me a saxophone. This was concerning because I had no idea how to play the saxophone. What was I supposed to do? Learn? Luckily, the present wasn’t a saxophone, it was One Direction tickets.

Now just because I am not the biggest fan of the brass instrument doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve its own national day.

November 6th has been chosen for National Saxophone Day because it is the birthday of Aldophe Sax, who invented the instrument in the 1840s. This day is observed to listen to your favorite sax tunes because everyone has at least one soothing sax track downloaded on iTunes.

If you don’t know the song “Careless Whisper” by George Michael you are missing out my friend. This is the perfect saxophone anthem to play for this day.


Although this great instrument has contributed to a lot of amazing musical works, it can be argued that it is sometimes forgotten.

Band Director, Mr. Sachse, believes that it is one of the only wind instruments that is not included in all of the great historical orchestral works.

His only advice for “professional” saxophone players is, “Never forget to waste fries” … perhaps a veiled reference to sax players ending up working at McDonalds?

Not sure, uh, didn’t really get that one. But happy National Sax Day!