20 Questions about the Media Center


Ava Kensinger

These 7th graders enjoy participating in breakout challenges while in the media center.

When students go to the media center, there is so much to do—complete challenges, play games, do homework, hang out with friends, and of course, eat! We caught up with two 7th graders, Chloe Hammond and Trinity Riva, and this is what they had to say about this extraordinary place in our school…

Q1: What is your favorite thing to buy at the cafe?

A1: Chloe and Trinity both like Snapple.

Q2: What do you normally do when you come down to the media center?

A2: Chloe plays checkers. Trinity talks to her friends and does homework.

Q3: What is the favorite challenge that you have done?

A3: Chloe and Trinity both liked the Halloween Breakout/Escape the best.

Q4: Do you prefer the cafe snacks and drinks or the school’s actual meals (breakfast or lunch)?

A4: Chloe and Trinity both enjoy the media center’s snacks and drinks.

Q5: How many days do you go to the media center per week?

A5: Chloe goes down one or two days a week. Trinity visits two days a week.

Q6: Would you rather go to the media center or go to activity gym?

A6: Chloe prefers activity gym. Trinity likes the media center.

Q7: How does your teacher choose who goes to the media center?

A7: Both girls said their study hall teachers pick by asking students in alphabetical order if they want to go or not.

Q8: How many people normally go down to the media center when you go?

A8: Chloe replied five while Trinity said ten.

Q9: Did you prefer the library more than the media center that we have now?

A9: Both girls said no.

Q10: Would you like to make your own challenges for the media center? Why?

A10: Chloe said no because she felt it would be hard to come up with ideas. Trinity said yes because she felt that it would be a fun way to get involved and fun to think of and design challenges.

Q11: What is your favorite drink from the cafe?

A11: Chloe really enjoys Snapple, but Trinity likes the hot cocoa.

Q12: Do you prefer the homemade cookies or the Grandma’s Cookies?

A12: Chloe prefers the cookies they make. Trinity prefers the Grandmas Cookies but said the ones they make are pretty good, too.

Q13: Do you always buy something when you come down?

A13: They both said yes.

Q14: When you come down, do you usually buy foods more than drinks?

A14: They both said yes.

Q15: When you go to the media center, do you normally relax, use your iPad, and eat, or do you do homework?

A15: Both girls do all of these activities.

Q16: Do you complete the challenges or play checkers, UNO, chess, etc.?

A16: They both like to play Checkers.

Q17: Do you like going down to the media center?

A17: They both said yes.

Q18: Do you like foods in the media center cafe or the lunch extras better?

A18: They both said the cafe.

Q19: What do you normally bring with you to the media center?

A19: Chloe brings her books, folders and iPad. Trinity brings her notebook, pencils, homework and iPad.

Q20: Do you think the media center was a good addition to the Bellwood Antis Middle/High School?

A20: They both said yes. It’s a cool place to be!

We had a great time interviewing Chloe and Trinity! As you can see, they both LOVE the media center, and the food that comes with it! Stay tuned… Maybe the next student we interview about our school could be you!