Infamous Killers


Lordin Williams

Famous Killers

Lordin Williams, Staff Writer

There are always things that lurk in the dark. Some we make up on our own, others watch and wait. I will talk about the most infamous killers in history, some known, others to be undetermined.


Jack the Ripper

Notably the most well-known of all these men. Jack the Ripper was a killer from London, 1888. He mainly targeted female prostitutes around the Whitechapel district. His murders are known for being very gruesome. The removal of organs indicated that the killer had some sort of anatomical or surgical knowledge. His name came from a letter that someone had written claiming to be the murderer, and along with it came half of a preserved human kidney. One thing that doesn’t seem to make sense to me is why they still have investigations. He would be 130 years old. Needless to say, the investigation is over.

Zodiac Killer

Probably behind the Jack the Ripper, Zodiac murdered around 37 people in the state of California. Same as Jack, he got the name from sending taunting letters to press. He used a symbol to sign his correspondence, which was a circle with an x going through it. Zodiac is and interesting murderer due to the letters that he had, which were almost like a puzzle.

John Wayne Gacy

John is famous for murdering 33+ boys. He would lure them into his house by acting friendly, then would assault and later murder them. He hid bodies under his house, and others were suspected of being thrown away. He was caught and was put on death row, justifiably so. This is a very tragic story for all these people. I think he got what was deserved.