Tune Talk: Top 5 Classic Emo Bands

Willie Williams , Staff Writer

Before I get started, I just want to say that only emo bands were allowed to qualify for this list. That means no Paramore, Panic! At the Disco, Green Day, Weezer, and so on. Obviously because none of those bands are emo, they’re all alternative rock except for Panic! At the Disco, they’re just pop now really. Also most people will notice that Black Veil Brides, Brand New, Good Charlotte, and Sorority Noise didn’t make it on this list. Simply because whenever I think of emo music, I don’t exactly think of those guys, I think of the five people I put on my list. Also bands that changed genre from emo to whatever they are now aren’t qualified for this list either.

5. AFI
Ah yes. AFI. The band that’s known for the hit songs, “Miss Murder,” and “Girls Not Grey.” Any normal person who’s obsessed with emo music would know that AFI beyond qualifies for the emo genre. Even with their new album they still stuck with the dark side. Don’t ask why I just called the emo genre the dark side, it just felt right. Anyways, with AFI, the band has always been known for making emo anthems, even the songs that most people don’t know now. Trust me though. If you’re still into emo music, you’ll most likely hear the rest of them later.

4. Blink-182
Alright, so maybe Blink-182 went a tiny bit to the mainstream area, but that doesn’t mean their lyrics aren’t emo and high school relatable anymore. Blink-182 is known for literally all of their songs being huge hits including “All the Small Things,” “Down,” “Adam’s Song,” “First Date,” “What’s My Age Again,” “The Rock Show,” and of course their biggest hit of all time, “I Miss You.”

3. Pierce the Veil
Although some of their new stuff sounds a bit mainstream. I’m not saying that’s what I think because that’s definitely not what I think about them, but others say that they are a bit towards the mainstream now. Anyways, this band has so many hit songs like “King for a Day,” “Bulletproof Love,” “Bulls in the Bronx,” “Carapherneila,” “Hold on Till May,” “The Divine Zero,” and so many more.

2. Bring Me the Horizon
For most people, whenever they hear the question, “What’re you top 3 favorite emo bands?” They typically name Bring Me the Horizon in their list somewhere. With literally all of their songs being hits, I’ll name some of the fan favorites instead. Songs like “Happy Song,” “Can You Feel My Heart,” Although whenever asked the question “who is you’re favorite emo band of all-time,” to any normal emo teenager, they would say My Chemical Romance, of course, people are actually surprised to see Bring Me the Horizon on this list. Although Bring Me the Horizon is classified towards the post-metal core genre, Pierce the Veil is widely known and loved by all emo kids.

1. My Chemical Romance
As anybody would suspect, I put My Chemical Romance at the top of this list. I don’t think you could say that any other band that’s off or on this list that could be any more emo than My Chemical Romance was. With literally every one of their albums being emo classics, their top three best albums were their first three albums, number three being, “I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love,” number two being “Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge,” and number one of course being “The Black Parade.” My Chemical Romance may no longer be a band but their legend lives on.