Super Seniors: Mara Lundberg

Boisterous Senior Loves to Perform


Mara Lundberg has made her mark in the performing arts during her years at Bellwood-Antis.

If you ever thought Mara Lundberg talked too much… there’s a reason behind it all.   She loves to perform.

Some of Mara’s activities are cheerleading, speech, musical, chorus, student delegates, church activities, and variety shows.  She played the part of Grace Farrell during the recent running of Annie, where her personality made her a true leader.

“It was nice to have someone around who wasn’t afraid to take control, and whom everyone respected enough to listen to,” said freshman Staphnie Mills.

Mara’s teachers have big expectations for her in the future.

“I am so excited to see how Mara will succeed in life,” said Mre. Trostle.  “I have known Mara for several years, first as her cheerleading coach and then as her teacher.  Bubbly, dedicated, and talented, Mara will be missed here at Bellwood.  With her talent and beautiful voice, I look forward to seeing Mara on Broadway in a few years!”

BluePrint: What are you doing after graduation?

Lundberg:  I will be attending college at Pennsylvania Highlands Community College to become a preschool teacher. 

BluePrint: How would you describe your experience at Bellwood-Antis School?

Lundberg: A lot of fun.  I have made a lot of memories and have had a lot of great opportunities.

BluePrint: Which teacher or teachers have impacted you the most and why?

Lundberg: Mr. Bower, because he is like father to me and has helped me so much. Mrs. Wright has helped me become the student I am today.

BluePrint: What is something the student body may not know about you?

Lundberg: I am obsessed with Belle from Beauty and the Beast!

BluePrint: Who are some of your idols/ role models and why?

Lundberg: My mom because she is my best friend I look up to her and god.

BluePrint: Favorite Movie?

Lindberg: Beauty and the Beast.

Blueprint: What’s in your iPod right now?

Lundberg: Frozen.

BluePrint: Favorite Class?

Lundberg: History.

BluePrint: Favorite Food?

Lundberg: Ice Cream and Pizza