Tune Talk: Must-See Concerts of Summer 2014


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Joan Jett is on the summer concert list of BluePrint movie critic Mallory Harold.

Since senior year has wound down, I’d like to thank everyone who has read my articles. Whether you read one or all of them, thank you. They truly are something I thoroughly enjoyed writing, and that I poured my heart and soul into.

Tune Talk  was never really about whether you liked that band or listened to that band or if you took my advice on any of the bands I wrote about and listened to them. I would have appreciated it, yes, and I wrote about music to tell people about music that I love, but that’s not what music is about.

I love music, and I think it is truly a beautiful thing. But one of the greatest things about music is that it brings people together. Not only does it bring people together, but it brings them together to appreciate something harmless, that will never hurt you, never cause harm, and will always be there. It brings people together to have a connection with others that may be completely different, but have that one connection. Not only that, but think about it: every great memory you’ve ever had has a song attached to it somehow. That time you and your best friend were on a road trip? You blasted your favorite song and sang along at the top of your lungs. So even if you didn’t listen to any of the bands I recommended, just know this: I only wanted to be able to share something that I love  with people so that maybe they could find as much joy in music as I do. I had the chance to do that through this. And I thank you, as readers, for allowing me to do that.

That being said, I have to provide one more review, right? We all know that summer is the hottest time for music festivals, no pun intended. So one of the greatest summer concerts that I personally think exists is The Vans Warped Tour. I won’t be going this year, sadly, as a few bands that I absolutely love (Of Mice and Men and Yellow Card) will be on tour this summer. However, I did get to go twice last year, and let me tell you, it was one of the best experiences of my entire life. It is so much fun, getting to wander around to different vendors that are there giving out free stuff (I got three cinch bags, four cds and stickers without spending a dime.  You just have to look.), setting your own schedule by the schedule of bands you can pick up for two dollars at the door, or on the giant inflatable schedule, meeting band members you randomly bump into (met three by accident) and experiencing this all with one or two of your best friends. There really is truly nothing like this festival in the world. Honestly, If I could go back and repeat anything in my life, Warped Tour would be it.

I am, however, going to see Joan Jett at the Clearfield County Fair this summer. I have never seen Joan Jett live before, other than meeting her at the Pittsburgh Airport, but knowing Joan, it’s going to be awesome.

I am also going to what I consider the best tour in “Emo-punk” ever. Paramore and Fall Out Boy are joining forces on their highly anticipated Monumentour. Like I wrote about in another article, I have seen Fall Out Boy before on their Save Rock and Roll tour, but if I had the opportunity, I would see them every time they even came close to Pennsylvania they have such an amazing live performance.  I haven’t had the privilege of seeing female rocker power house Paramore live yet, but I can’t wait to see what they bring to the table.

So with that, I say goodbye, and thank you for reading Tune Talk. Remember that music saves and changes lives, brings people together in the best ways, and reminds us that it’s definitely okay to be different from everyone else.  So long live the car crash hearts and long live the class of 2014

“You are what you love, not who loves you.” –Fall Out Boy, Save Rock and Roll