Tune Talk: Top 3 Songs With “Hidden Messages”

Willie Williams , Staff Writer

3. 665 by Soundgarden
Although this song may sound like it’s going to be hailing Satan because it’s so close to the number “666,” Soundgarden hilariously made the song so close to that number that they decided to have random gibberish in the background of the song that whenever you play it backwards you get, “Hail Santa,” “I love you baby,” “I love you Santa baby,” and “My Christmas king.” I got nothing else to say here but…just wow.

2. This is it by Michael Jackson
Whether or not this is accurate or not, I had to put this on this list because it was honestly just so creepy that I thought it belonged on this list. Obviously a lot of Michael Jackson’s fans think that he faked his death to get out of the public eye. Jackson was tired of constantly getting sued for child molestation charges and was proven innocent on all of the charges against him. Anyways, this was the final song that Jackson had ever recorded before his death and if you play the song backwards, it’s rumored to tell details of how he faked his death and that he was tired of the life that he had lived.

1. Empty Spaces by Pink Floyd
On Pink Floyd’s legendary album, “Dark Side of the Moon,” they released a ton of legendary songs off of this album. But only one of this is really memorable to most people. “Empty Spaces” is known for it’s hidden message if you play it backwards. Lead singer, David Gilmour, can be heard telling listeners, “Congratulations. You’ve just discovered the secret message. Please send your answer to Old Pink.” This was actually purposely put in the song because it awarded whoever found the secret message and answered it first.