Mya Decker

Math teacher, Mrs. Stinson inspires students everyday!

Mya Decker, Multimedia Editor

It’s the beginning of the new year and rather than choosing a new years resolution, Mrs. Stinson encouraged her students to choose one word to live by this year. New Years resolutions are often hard to keep longer than a week. She felt that it was easier for her students to pick one word and stick by it, rather than making a resolution.

Inspiration for this initiative came from #OneWord365. The assignment was given to each of her students on the day they returned from winter break. The mission was to get each student to choose a word to live by for the next 365 days and then draw it creativity, which was to be posted up on the wall for the student body to see.  More than 80 words are hanging on Mrs.Stinson’s wall. She encourages other students to come get a paper and participate even if they aren’t in her classes.

Stinson chose a word of her own. LIGHT.

“So much can be said about light, the biggest thing for me is that it drives out the darkness. No matter where I go or what I do in 2019, I want to be a light to lead others and myself to have faith, find joy, feel love, and embrace hope daily,” says Stinson.