College Corner with Mya Decker


Kaelynn Behrens

BluePrint editor Mya Decker is headed to Juniata College next year to study Spanish education.

On this weeks episode of College Corner we have Mya Decker!

Decker has recently committed to Juniata College to study Spanish education. After graduating college, she wants to become a Spanish teacher or a translator. Decker also plans on being involved in Juniata’s study abroad program.

“I will probably participate in some clubs on campus, but I will not be dancing. My body is broken and my bank account is drained,” said Decker.

When asked about what she will miss most about Bellwood, Decker said she would miss working with all the students and staff.

“BA is close knit and a lot times that was nice to have, but I am super excited to see where all of my friends end up and to see their success,” said Decker.