HOLIDAY-ISH: National Thesaurus Day


You may have thought they went out of style with the advent of the iPhone, but hardback thesauruses are still out there and in use.

National thesaurus day. Thesaurus. A weird word for a big book of words.

Everyone knows what a thesaurus is unless you were born after 2005.

You kiddos get to use google for everything. You’ll never understand the struggle of a third grade English class where you were writing a “creative” essay and you just couldn’t think of another word for very.

Instead of pulling up the ole search engine, we actually had to pick up a book (sometimes larger than us) and flip through hundreds of pages to find that another word for very was extremely.

We can thank Peter Mark Roget for this extensive list of synonyms. No one is actually thankful for his work except like poets and English teachers or something. 

The poor guy spent around 12 years creating the thesaurus. Yet, He almost gets absolutely no credit for it.

I didn’t know he was the one who put it together. I’m kind of like…. proud of him. I hope he knows that.

So, before they go extinct, lets take this day, January 18th, to appreciate it.