Tune Talk: Willie’s Top 20 Best Frontmen

Willie Williams, Staff Writer

20. Brendon Urie; Panic! At the Disco; (1987-Present)
As I’ve said recently in my top bands post, I’ve kind of lost touch with Panic! At the Disco. However, that doesn’t mean that Brendon Urie isn’t an incredible vocalist and front man. With the incredible ranges that Urie has done in live shows and in some of his tracks on his albums, it’d be wrong to say that Brendon Urie doesn’t belong on this list. Not only is Urie a good vocalist, but a very entertaining tour buddy.

19. Paul David Hewson “Bono”; U2; (1960-Present)
Although he is known to be one of the most hated singers by most rock fans but we all have to admit at some point in our lives that Bono is a pretty good singer. With most of U2’s older classics you can’t go wrong with U2.

18. Hayley Williams; Paramore; (1988-Present)
In my opinion, Hayley Williams is the baddest female vocalist of our time. I know that most of you will disagree and say that others are better, and you may be right. But this is my opinion. Williams is a great punk rock/pop punk and an icon for her band, Paramore. I’m also not a gigantic Paramore fan but I can definitely say that her voice is just simply a beautiful thing to hear.

17. Billie Joe Armstrong; Green Day; (1972-Present)
Although it doesn’t take much talent to do what Billie Joe Armstrong does, not trying to offend any die hard Green Day fans. Of course I’m a Green Day fan myself, I’m just pointing out that honestly Green Day doesn’t really tend to change up their songs, it’s basically the same chord progression repeated in a different progression for every song. All of that aside, Billie Joe Armstrong is known as one of the most iconic punk rock vocalist of our time. Not only does Armstrong have his own unique voice, but he doesn’t take any nonsense either. Get on his bad side and you’ll see how hardcore Armstrong is.

16. Anthony Kiedis; Red hot Chili Peppers; (1962-Present)
Not only is he a rock star, but he’s basically a rapper if you think about it. The Red Hot Chili Peppers are one of the most iconic California bands we know today, whether or not their new stuff is good or if there is still beef with their former lead guitarist that everybody was sad about leaving. Anthony Kiedis is around the same level as Zack de la Rocha of Rage Against the Machine or Serj Tankian of System of a Down whenever it comes to his genre.

15. Dave Mustaine; Metallica, MegaDeth; (1961-Present)
Although Dave Mustaine isn’t really able to reach half the notes he hit back in the early to late 90’s or even the 80’s, Mustaine is still and iconic rock legend who’s loved for his work in MegaDeth. With his ability to shred on the guitar in songs like “Mechanix,” “Blackmail the Universe,” “Countdown to Extinction,” and so many others, Mustaine is a double threat with his talents.

14. Nate Ruess; Fun.; (1982-Present)
In my opinion, Nate Ruess is one of the most underappreciated vocalist that we know of today. Although Ruess doesn’t exactly hit any mind blowing notes that should be way out of range for men, he still hits some pretty impressive notes in his songs with his former band, Fun.

13. Chester Bennington; Linkin Park; (1976-2017)
A young man who will never be forgotten for his work in Linkin Park. Chester Bennington was one of the most underrated vocalist of his time and didn’t get appreciated until after he committed suicide two years ago.

12. Dave Grohl; Nirvana, Queens of the Stone Age, Foo Fighters; (1969-Present)
Dave Grohl has become an iconic rock legend. He’s even been classified as Rock and Roll’s image. As in he’s pretty much the definition of a Rock and Roll legend. Everybody has either loved Grohl in his act as Nirvana’s drummer or his band formed after Nirvana, Foo Fighters. Grohl has been appreciated by so many other artist for his work throughout his lifetime.

11. Bruce Dickinson; Samson, Iron Maiden; (1958-Present)
Bruce Dickinson as of right now in my life is the highest singing vocalist I’ve heard in metal history, other than freaking Judas Priest but let’s just get this one straight. All Judas Priest’s lead singer does is sing in a high pitched voice. Anyways, Dickinson had an incredible range back in the early to late 80’s and 90’s and still does today as Iron Maiden tours to this day.

10. Oliver Sykes; Bring Me the Horizon; (1986-Present)
Oliver Sykes is another underappreciated vocalist known for his work in his band, Bring Me the Horizon. Sykes is mostly known for his screaming in most songs, but if you hear songs like “Can You Feel My Heart” his vocals are extremely impressive. I personally think that Sykes voice is beautiful.

9. Tim McIlrath; Rise Against; (1979-Present)
Not many people know Rise Against and I really think that’s a shame. They’re such a good band and Tim McIlrath is such a good vocalist. His voice isn’t too raspy but it isn’t entirely clean and that’s what I love about their music so much is Tim McIlrath’s vocals.

8. Serj Tankian; System of a Down; (1967-Present)
Serj may not be a clean vocalist but my god is System of a Down a great band. Not only whenever you combine Serj’s voice with lead guitarist of System of a Down, Daron Malakian, sound amazing, but it’s amazing by itself. Serj has one of the most iconic voices in Nu-Metal and rock history.

7. Chris Cornell; Soundgarden, Audioslave; (1964-2017)
Another legend gone too soon, Chris Cornell, is known as an alternative rock/grunge legend. Cornell has be one of the only grunge vocalist that I know that hits the highest notes. With songs like “The Day I Tried to Live,” and “Superunknown,” it’s hard to appreciate the man. Not only that, but Cornell is an excellent guitarist as well as an excellent vocalist.

6. James Hetfield; Metallica; (1963-Present)
Although James Hetfield doesn’t exactly sound like an excellent front man to most people who would’ve made a list like this, I personally think that James is one of the coolest front men in metal history. You get the random “Ooo’s,” and “Yeah’s” in the middle of most Metallica concerts. The guys hilarious and an excellent metal singer.

5. Gerard Way; My Chemical Romance; (1977-Present)
As we all know, iconic emo band, My Chemical Romance, grew on me recently and I’ve loved them ever since I first heard their song “Mama.” Gerard Way has one of the most interesting vocal ranges I’ve heard in a long time. It’s like he has his own individual sound and range because he literally does. Not only that but all around he’s a cool standup guy. You can’t go wrong with Gerard Way, he’s just such a cool public figure who stands for what he thinks is right.

4. Eddie Vedder; Pearl Jam; (1964-Present)
Most people who’re grunge fans instantly recognize the voice of Eddie Vedder. He’s an incredible vocalist who seems like it wouldn’t be clean because it’s grunge. But it’s so clean. Like his vocals I mean, it’s so clean that even fans who aren’t grunge fans.

3. Michael Jackson; The Jackson 5; (1958-2009)
Known as one of the greatest dancers, singers, and entertainers of all-time, how could I not put Michael Jackson on this list? Another vocalist who has his own iconic voice and vocal range, Michael Jackson, was able to do so many incredible things throughout his career. He invented the moonwalk, had his own special style that included wearing one single white shiny glove, and wore surgical masks in public to hide his identity. The king of pop will always be one of the greatest front men known to man.

2. Kurt Cobain; Fecal Matter, Nirvana; (1967-1994)
Of course my favorite band of all-time would make this list simply because Kurt Cobain not only had his own voice that nobody can do, but he was one of the coolest guys in his time. After most sets, Cobain would destroy the instruments and sound equipment with his guitar by smashing them repeatedly and sometimes he’d even pick up pieces of the drum set and throw them at each other. Aside from his destruction abilities, Cobain had his own unique grunge voice that became iconic as well as his ability to play such easy but clever ways on the guitar. He was also left handed, just like Jimi Hendrix was, not that that matters.

1. Lemmy Kilmister; Hawkwind, The Rockin’ Vickers, Motorhead; (1945-2015)
Lemmy Kilmister has gone down in history as probably the most iconic metal front men of all-time. Lemmy had his own individual and iconic raspy voice and he played bass rather than guitar. I don’t think I’ve seen a better bass player, other than Cliff Burton, in metal history that can top Lemmy. The man was talented, loved, and inspired many fans and other musicians.