What BAMS Students Think About School


Ava Kensinger

These students shared some of their favorite things about BAMS.

We asked two students from Grades 5-8 a few questions about their opinions in regards to school and their answers were quite interesting. Read on to find out what they had to say about the BAMS.

First, we talked to fifth graders, Marissa Cacciotti and Aiden Johnson. The first question we asked was about what they don’t like about school. Marissa and Aiden both said, “The heat.” The next question was about their favorite food from the cafeteria. Marissa said, “The chicken wrap.” Aiden said, “The pizza.” The last question was about their favorite subject? Marissa said, “My favorite subject is math.” Aiden didn’t have a favorite to share.

Next, we spoke to sixth graders, Mackenzie Weber and Holden Schreier. The first question was about preferring iPads or notebooks. Mackenzie said, “I prefer notebooks.” Holden, on the other hand said, “I prefer iPads.” The next question was, do you prefer math or science? Mackenzie and Holden both said, “Math.” The final question was, do you prefer reading or English? Mackenzie said, “Reading.” Holden’s response was “English.”

We then interviewed seventh graders, Jacob Mercer and Shawna Lovrich. The first question was, what is your favorite subject so far this year? Jacob replied, “I like reading.” Shawna said, “I like English .” Lastly, we asked, “What’s is your favorite activity to do during activity period? Jacob said, “Newspaper.” Shawna said, “ I just have study hall.”

Finally, we talked to eighth graders, Ashlyn Snyder and Michael Labella. We also asked these students about their favorite subject. Ashlyn and Michael both said, “Math.” We then asked them what they seem to forget to bring to class most often. Ashlyn said, “I forget my notebook and SSR book.” Michael said, “Homework.” Lastly, we wanted to know if they prefer iPads or Chromebooks. Ashlyn said, “I prefer Chromebooks.” Michael said, “iPads.”

As you can tell, each student has their own opinion about school. The answers did vary based on the grade level and whether we asked a boy or girl. Irregardless of who we talked to, everyone’s opinion is very valuable because it helps the Bellwood-Antis Middle School get better each day!