Meet a buddy at lunch

BAHS starts Lunch Buddy program to reach out to Myers students


Phoebe Potter

Kids like these at Myers Elementary will soon have high school buddies at lunch as part of a new program.

Starting in the second week of September, Bellwood-Antis will be introducing a new program called Lunch Buddies.

The Lunch Buddies program is a program designed for students from Bellwood-Antis High School to go to Myers Elementary during a fifth or sixth period study hall to sit with young students at lunch and be a “Big Buddy” to them.

This could also be a time for high school students to provide assistance at lunch, or just simply to talk to the students and keep them company.

The Lunch Buddies program came into thought last October when BAHS Assistant Principal Ms. Cathy Adams visited the elementary school’s cafeteria during lunch time.

Not just anyone can partake in this fun-filled experience, though.  First, the high school students have to go through a special training.  Beginning next week, selected students will have an interview with Ms. Adams to go through all of the rules as well as their duties while at the elementary school.

The second step of training will be with Myers Principal Mrs. Terri Harpster, and will consist of a tour of Myers Elementary and the cafeteria.

When asked if she thinks the new program will be a success, Ms. Adams replied, “Absolutely.”