HOLIDAY-ISH: National Everything You Think is Wrong Day


Kaelynn Behrens

Everything you think is right, is wrong.

Today just so happens to be a day that I am just so very passionate about. This day was MADE for me.

Today, March 15th is ‘national everything you think is wrong day.’

This day is great because if you’re like me, there are just somethings that come to mind. Things like: pineapple on pizza????

The horror…

the audacity…

The TERROR…One might go as far as saying pineapple on pizza is an abomination.

You might also have someone, in particular that comes to mind that is always wrong, no matter what. People like my arch nemesis, Mr. Kerry Jerry Naylor.

“I do not choose to recognize this day because I am never wrong,” said one very egotistical, Mr. Naylor.

Without people like Mr. Naylor, there would be no point in observing this holiday. We extend a very grateful thank you to all the Mr. Naylors of the world, for giving us something to celebrate on this wonderful day.

If you see someone being just plain WRONG today, it would be completely appropriate to tell them just how wrong they are, have fun everyone, be safe, and be RIGHT.