LGBTQ+ Web Series


Lordin Williams

Very beautiful series

Lordin Williams, Staff Writer

In our world, representation is important for the youth going through struggles of identity and sexuality. They need to see that it is ok and seeing people on the internet and out there, shows them they shouldn’t be scared. I started feeling more comfortable due to these web series and I’m so thankful for these.

This is one of the most popular web series on YouTube with 2.8 million views. The story follows a freshman in college, Laura Hollis, who is making a video for her journalism class, but the disappearance of her roommate sparks a fire in her to figure out what happened. She then gets a new roommate, Carmilla Karnstein, who is very snarky and sarcastic. Laura gets a little uneasy when she finds blood in a milk container. This leads to Laura and her companions tying Carmilla up and later figuring out she is a centuries-old vampire. Through the first season, Laura falls for the vampire when she realizes she has been through a lot, and that the vampire isn’t so bad. The show has had 3 actual seasons, with a special season called Season Zero. Reading comments, many people have been inspired by the series and the movie that later followed. With nomination for 10 awards and winning 8 of them, Carmilla was a very important and impactful web series, and it shows.

Anyone But Me
This is a coming of age web series focusing on a young girl, Vivian, in high school who moves away from her girlfriend, Aster. It goes through the struggles the couple face with being so far apart. Their relationship is tested and they later break up. They reunite later in their life and fall for each other again. It is a classic love story, but two girls instead of a girl and a boy, which is the usual. This shows young women that it is normal to love a girl.

Out with Dad
A young girl, Rose, who is in high school realizes she is in love with her best friend, Vanessa. Of course, she is scared to tell her. Her friend’s parents are very religious, which is a big factor in this. Rose tells her dad that she is a lesbian, and he is ok, but when Vanessa’s parents catch on, it turns bad. Vanessa pulls away and realizes she is also in love with Rose, but that it is too late. They meet later in their lives and reconnect. Rose realizes that Vanessa has gone through a lot, and they work through it together. This web series was given an endorsement form PFlAG Canada, which is a nonprofit organization that brings family and friends of LGBTQ+ members in Canada. It is pretty amazing.