A Day in the Life of Miranda Tornatore


Brielle Campbell

Miranda enjoys playing volleyball in her free time,

Miranda Tornatore is a 7th grade student here at BAMS. We had the opportunity to take some time out of Miranda’s busy schedule and ask her some questions about what she does on a typical day of school.


6:15: Wakes up

6:16: Gets dressed and ready for school

7:00: Packs lunch

7:20: Leaves for school

7:30: Arrives at school

8:00: Goes to Geography (1st period)

8:49: Goes to Specials (2nd period)

9:35: Goes to Reading (3rd period)

10:21: Goes to Science (4th period)

11:07: Goes to English (5th period)

11:53: Goes to SSR (6th period)


12:15: Goes to lunch

12:45: Goes to Activity Period

1:19: Goes to Specials (7th period)

2:05: Goes to Math (8th period)

After School

3:15: Gets home from school

3:16: Feeds Max

3:20: Does homework

4:00: Does different activities for the rest of the night

9:30: Goes to bed

A big thank you to Miranda for letting us interview her and learn more about her!