Artist in Residence Works With Students

Dr. Travis Weller Comes to B-A


Julian Bartlebaugh

Dr. Travis Weller, a conductor, composer, and a clinician, came to Bellwood-Antis on Wednesday  as an Artist in Residence.

Dr. Weller  is currently serving as the Director of Music Education at Messiah College in Mechanicsburg, PA.  Prior to his appointment at Messiah, he served as the Director of Bands at Mercer Area Middle-Senior High School. Travis has previously taught at Kent State University as an adjunct faculty member. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Music Education from Grove City College, a Master’s Degree in Music Education from Duquesne University, and holds a Ph.D. in Music Education from Kent State University.

“It’s important to me that I communicate why music is important to me and in the culture aspect of the world,” said Dr. Weller.

Dr. Weller has a well versed history in music with his supporting website. Weller has composed well over 30 compositions of music that he encourages people to listen to and use. On his website you can find anything from music, to a biography, rehearsal ideology and music literature. Even though Dr. Weller is a college teacher and a Dr. he fully supports the growth of music in the young. All the way from elementary students to seniors in college, he provides advice and his teachings.

“There is so much more to gain from music other than just winning or losing, we all win. I think that is why music is good for society,” said Dr. Weller.

Dr. Weller says it is a good group of people that all come together and put their differences aside and works toward a common goal that is much bigger than anything they could individually do on their own. They help each other and uplift each other along the way.

“It is too easy to live in a bubble and not be exposed to great wisdom, or even the same ideas but reinforced in different ways. Music is such a collaborative event across communities. Its not just about 4th period band, its about what connections can be made across the whole picture of the art.” said, Mr. Sachse.

Dr. Weller rehearsed with elementary, middle school, and highschool bands. Each group rehearsed pieces composed by Dr. Weller himself.

The Bellwood-Antis Administration and BAMBA ( Bellwood-Antis Music Booster Association) provided the financial support.