Tea W/ C: Jeans


Caroline Nagle

Jeans like these, with exposed skin showing even at or below the knee, are no longer legal at Bellwood-Antis.

Caroline Nagle, Staff Writer

Alrighty…. the long waited jeans story. This is the one school rule that I truly do not understand and I’m going to tell you why. 

If you’ve been a reader of the Blueprint for awhile, then you may remember my story on the dress code last year. Well, I’m back because the dress code has gotten worse and my opinions are stronger. 

Last year, we were allowed to wear holes in our jeans as long as they weren’t gaping and were below our fingertips. In typical Bellwood fashion, that rule was not properly enforced by everyone; therefore, it had to be adjusted this year to be stricter. We can not have any skin showing through our jeans, what so ever. 

Caroline Nagle
If you want to wear jeans with holes this year, it will be like these,, with leggings n underneath.

Last year, the only way we could wear leggings is if our butts, all the way around to the front, was completely covered. In typical Bellwood fashion, that rule was not properly enforced by everyone; therefore, it had to be adjusted this year…. now the rule is your butt does not need to be covered. This is because it was a “losing battle.” 

While many people were angered and disappointed with the new jeans rule, I am, too. While many people were very pleased with the new leggings rule, I am not. 

Yes, I am very aware that we are at school to learn and not to show off our kneecaps. However, we are also not there to show off our butts and to me the whole jeans thing is more of a “losing battle.” 

Now, I have talked to many boys that are pleased with the new leggings rule for the same reasons that you can assume that they are. I, on the other hand, think this is the exact reason that that rule should have stayed the same. 

Okay, so back to the jeans rule being abused last year. Like the new phone rule, it was the students abuse that led to the new rule. However, unlike phones, a shin is not distracting. Teachers and staff have many responsibilities, one of which being dress code. Yes, it is their responsibility to call us out, but it is also us, the students, who put on the clothes we wear knowing that it is against the dress code. 

My solution, genuinely, is a school uniform. Ask anyone in my first period Spanish class. I was very open about this opinion a few days ago … and other people agreed with me. Jeans, a “losing battle.” Leggings, a ”losing battle.” Not to mention bra straps and stomachs showing, all “losing battles.” 

So, I guess I’m full of many unpopular opinions this school year, but it is what it is.