Tea W/ C: Snapchat Streaks


Snap chatters can become obsessed with upholding their streaks.

A snapchat streak is the 21st century equivalent to literally nothing. There is no way to compare the pointless importance of them to the people in the generation above us. 

Simply put, a snapchat streak is a way of ‘communication’ without really communicating at all. You take one picture, write “streaks” on it, and send it to however many people. If you’ve snapchatted someone for three or more days, congratulations, you have a streak. 

Coming from someone who has roughly 200 streaks, this is probably going to sound ironic and hypocritical, but I genuinely think streaks are stupid. However, in every teenage girls mindset, you need to have them. 

“They’re stupid, but they’re a must,” said sophomore Samantha Gerwert.

There are only two arguments for streaks. One being that people feel more connected with people that they don’t talk to on a daily basis. However, not everyone agrees with this claim. 

“Just because I send streaks doesn’t necessarily mean I want to talk to someone,” said sophomore, Emma Chronister. 

However, senior Cazen Cowfer has a different opinion on this topic.

“I think they’re fun to do and it’s kinda nice if you don’t talk to everyone you still have their streaks” said Cazen. 

Another, less supportive argument, is that streaks make your Snapchat score go up. A Snapchat score is the amount of times you have sent and received snapchats. 

“I enjoy snap streaks because it improves my snap score everyday,” said senior Corbin Nale. “It gives me a sense of well being.” 

According to staff members at bellwood, streaks are becoming an addiction. 

“It’s an obsession that young people have, they feel like they have to keep this thing going,” said Mr. Lovrich. 

Even Beth Zitterbart has Snapchat streaks.

“I started them for my kids. I have about 15 streaks now, but they’re addicting,” said Beth. 

Because of their “addicting” element, some people don’t realize how much time it is taking up to send them. 

“I don’t have very many. Only about 70-80 and it only takes 2 and a half minutes. They’re very stupid, but I have them anyway,” said freshman Jacob Hawn. 

Pretty much everyone, whether they have snapchats streaks or not, can agree that they’re pointless. 

“They are a waste of time. I only have them with people I actually talk to on a daily basis and because of talking to them all the time, we happened to get a streak,” says junior Kristlyn Stoltz. 

Just this past week, I tried ending the streaks I have with people I don’t talk to and multiple people texted me and complained that I lost our streak and were upset because they were over 300 days. That is how much people care about this thing that holds no meaning in the real world. And as of right now, there is no hope that this generation will ever understand how pointless they are.