Student Teacher: Mr. Kroljic


Landon Bungo

Mr. Korljic has been student teaching with Mr. Sachse since August.

Mr. Gage Kroljic is a music student teacher working with Mr. Sachse. He has been here since the first day of school in August, and his last day is Monday October 14.

Mr. Kroljic hails from Camden, NJ, and he attended Camden County Technixcal Schools Gloucester Township Campus. He attends Penn Sate main, and plans to be a percussionist in the Army at Fort Myers. After his student teaching at Bellwood is completed, he will be teaching at Park Forrest middle school in State College.

Mr Kroljic said he has enjoyed teaching band, but was not expecting to teach middle school kids, which he said taught him how to break down his lessons. Mr Sachse said Mr. Kroljic  is a very strong musician that is very energetic and talented.

Mr Sachse said the students have really like Mr. Kroljic.

Even though  he enjoys student teachers and will always welcome one back, Mr. Sachse is always amazed because he also learns from them, like teaching from a different point of view or teaching to the strengths of students. In spite of his professional gains, Mr. Sachse said he is ready to begin teaching again.