New School, New Friends & New Memories


Cami Focht

These 5th graders are enjoying their time in the middle school.

Like every other year, we have new students in the middle school, and we’re excited to have you meet a few of them. This time we decided to ask a few questions to a few new students to see how they are liking the transition to the new school. We interviewed two boys, Skyler Snyder and Cyler Briggs, and two girls, Alexis Wagner and Scotland Hassler.

How are you enjoying school so far?

Scotland: Good, I really like it. I like to go out on the track.

Alexis: I like it. It’s fun.

Skyler: Good. I like the teachers.

Cyler: Good. It’s really fun to go out on the track.

Is there anything you would want to change about the middle school?

Scotland: No.

Alexis: Yes, I wish the lockers were bigger.

Skyler: Nope.

Cyler: I wish we could leave earlier.

What’s your favorite teacher and subject?

Scotland: My favorite subject is History with Mrs. Gonder.

Alexis: I like English with Mrs. Kuhn.

Skyler: “I enjoy Math with Mrs. Gonder.

Cyler: I like homeroom with Mr. Collins.

What is one word to describe your experience so far?

Scotland: It’s fun.

Alexis: I would describe it as energetic.

Skyler: It’s more fun than elementary school.

Cyler: It’s different.

Which do you like more? Middle school or elementary school?

Scotland: I like middle school more because of starting and leaving earlier.

Alexis: Middle school because there’s more experiences.

Skyler: I like the middle school because we get to have different teachers for different subjects.

Cyler: Middle school because there are more kids.

As you can see, these fifth graders really enjoy being in the middle school so far. We wish them a great year!