Myers Morning News Goes Live


Kole Dickinson

Students from Mrs Sabatula’s class working hard on the morning announcements.

For many years now, B-A’s middle and high school students have been producing a morning announcements program, and just recently, the elementary school followed in their footsteps.

We had the chance to catch up with Mrs Bouslough, third grade teacher and organizer of the Myers Morning News, and got some insight on what goes on at the elementary level.

1. When did you start doing announcements?

Mrs. Bouslough: Around three years ago.

2. What made you want to do the news program for the elementary school?

Mrs. Bouslough: Well we used to have fourth grade announcements, then after the building project we stopped. It’s just a really cool way to provide students with the information they need about what’s going on in our school.”

3. What information is put on the announcements?

Mrs. Bouslough: The newscasters follow templates so they know what to say. They talk about the lunch choices, breakfast and other announcements.

4. Where do you do the announcements?

Mrs. Bouslough: We have a special spot in the hallway. Each class has someone record the video for the announcers.

5. Are the announcers chosen or voluntary?

Mrs. Bouslough: The students can sign up if they want to participate.

Thank you, Mrs. Bouslough, for taking the time to answer our questions and giving us some information about this really fun program at Myers Elementary.