20 Questions with a BAMS Athlete: Colin Gibbons


Leigha Clapper

Sixth grader Colin Gibbons plays three sports.

We recently had the chance to catch up with sixth grader Colin Gibbons and ask him 20 questions about his sports life and future. Read on to find out more about this BAMS athlete…

Q1: What sports do you play?

A: Baseball, Basketball and Football.

Q2: What is your number.

A: 5, 24 and 82.

Q3: Does your number have any value to you?

A: No.

Q4: Why do you continue to play your sports?

A: Because they are fun.

Q5: Who is your favorite professional athlete ?

A: Saquon Barkley.

Q6: What coach most inspires you the most?

A: My dad who coaches my baseball and basketball team.

Q7: What is your favorite sport to watch?

A: Football.

Q8: How long have you played your favorite sports?

A: 6 years.

Q9: What do you enjoy about your sports?

A: Conditioning.

Q10: Who motivates you the most?

A: My parent because they are super supportive.

Q11: What are your future goals?

A: To play professional sports.

Q12: What goals are your goals you hope to achieve this season?

A: To win a championship.

Q13: What are your areas of improvement?

A: Defense.

Q14: What are your strengths?

A: Speed.

Q15: Do you have any superstitions? If yes, what are they?

A: I don’t have any.

Q16: If you would somehow get hurt, what would keep you motivated? 

A: My teammates.

Q17: How do you contribute to the team?

A: I play defense and score.

Q18: Do you get down on yourself if you make a mistake?

A: Sometimes.

Q19: Do you get nervous in pressure situations? If so, why?

A: No.

Q20: How many hours a week do you put into practicing on your own?

A: One hour.

And there you have it—the latest sports scoop about Colin! Stay tuned for another version of 20 questions with a BAMS athlete…