Spotlight on Staff: Jake Bollinger


Jake Bollinger is this weeks Spotlight on Staff.

Name: Jake Bollinger

Age: 16

Years in BluePrint: 1

What do you enjoy about BP?

This is my first year in Blueprint and I really enjoy it. I love being able to come in and write about sports and other things that interest me like shoes. The one thing that I really love about Blueprint is the fact that it has helped greatly with my writing ability. Just the fact that I get to come into school everyday and write about sports and get the opportunity to interact with the athletes and coaches here at Bellwood is probably my favorite part out of all of it.

What’s your favorite things you’ve done in BP so far?

I really like the topics that I write about, but my favorite stories to write are definitely the sport feature stories like the athlete of the week. We have a lot of  talent here at Bellwood, and I think its really cool that I can put a spotlight on those athletes.

What would you tell a person considering joining BP?

If you have the opportunity to take this class, take it! I think the thing that deters people from taking this class is that they think that their writing is not good enough, and I almost didn’t take this class because of that reason, but i’m so glad I didn’t drop it. There are a lot of different topics that you can write about for Blueprint, and Mr. Naylor does a really good job with giving people the opportunity to write about what they are passionate about, for example, he knew that I was really passionate about shoes so he gave me the idea to start a column where I can write about shoes. Blueprint is a great experience and I would highly recommend it to people who have the opportunity to take it.

What are you involved in outside of BP?      

Outside of Blueprint, I play baseball, and hang with friends.