Did Rise of Skywalker properly wrap up the Star Wars saga


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The Rise of Skywalker may not be the movie everyone wanted, but it is a fitting part of the Star Wars saga.

Landon Bungo, Staff Writer

I know this may sound a little confusing but I honestly don’t know if it end correctly.

Rise of Skywalker had so many amazing call backs and plot points that really makes you appreciate this film.

For example, when Rey went to Tatooine to bury Luke and Leias lightsaber,  that was a huge call back to where Luke grew up. Another big one was when Rey, Finn, and Poe went to the crashed death star to get the sith way finder. The biggest call back in the movie refers back to Han Solo.  In the empire strikes back Han was famous for telling their robotic companion C-3PO to never tell him the odds.  In the new film Poe never had much use for his odds either and even says not to tell him the odds. This minor  detail goes into more depth because after the scene ends, when Rey asks C-3PO what the odds were. This ties back to a previous conversation Rey had with Leia about never doubting a droid. Finally the visuals. Star Wars is known for how well the depict the different systems and planets that are shown. Rise of Skywalker is no different. They did a very good job of this on Exegol. Exegol is one of the new planets, but wow does it look amazing. The constant storms and surges of lighting really capture the feeling of the dark side of the force.

On the other hand, it certainly had its problems. So many parts of the movie that they tired to tie up or relate back to may have hit fans with a sense of nostalgia, but when you stop and think about them, they seemed forced. For example, when Kilo Ren was on the crashed death star he found a completely working tie fighter. Both of the death stars were completely destroyed. So the fact that he found a working on AND how fast he found it really confused me. Another problem, They seemed like they were afraid to make their own movie. They really had the previous movies and characters as fail safe. On the new desert planet of Pasaana, they brought back Lando Calrissian. This wasn’t necessary at all. The planet was completely new and they could have went in so many directions with it. Instead everything gets over shadowed by the return of Lando.  I just don’t think this movie does the justice the saga deserved.

Overall, I think there are very few people who could give a complete unbiased answer on whether the saga ended correctly.  But if I had so give one final option. I’d say Rise of Skywalker did enough to end the saga well. They had managed to keep the semi-funny, action, and adventurous story. The positives really outweigh the negatives. I would recommend if you have not seen it. DO IT.