Game On: Monster Hunter World


This year, and last, Capcom has been on a roll with the absolute masterpieces of games, and while I wouldn’t put MHW up to the standard of Devil May Cry V, It is kinda close. Monster Hunter World is a pretty simple game that I can describe it in two words: Hunt Monsters. That’s quite literally all you do, obviously there are more mechanics and details, but the idea of the game is that you hunt monsters.

There are multiple weapon classes to choose from, from as simple as a sword and shield, to as complex as a hunting horn that you input notes with based on what kind of attack you do, than play to improve your teammates and yourself. There are traps that you can set up that will hold the creature down so you can get a few good hits in, consumables that make you deal more damage, and fellow wildlife that can be used to ground the flying behemoths that you can ride on the back of, if you’re feeling adventurous. 

I won’t go into the small details of the game, because A) there are too many that are insignificant by themselves B) part of the fun of Monster Hunter is finding those minute details and incorporating them to your playstyle. But just know, there are a lot of tiny things that majorly improve the difficulty of the game, and that these things are highly important to learn.

Now, for a few negatives with the game: Starting as a newcomer is daunting, because you have all this information to learn, you’re not quite sure where to start. A lot of the game is micromanaging your inventory and keeping track of what’s on you, which is bothersome because you can’t travel easily, especially in a fight. A few of the monsters in the game are way too difficult to be fun to fight.

Overall, this game is not welcome to new players like yours truly, but, if you can get over a very steep learning curve, Monster Hunter World is one of those games that you can keep coming back to and have a good time with. Most of the weapons I’ve used are fun or have an interesting gimmick, the monsters have unique and cool looking designs, and the story isn’t so great. So, the game has a few downfalls, but once you jump those hurdles, the game is a solid 6/10. With the new expansion Iceborn, now is a great time for new players to try the game if interested!