February 13, 2020

Finding future educators is going to be a challenge, so how could the shortage be reversed or at least improved?

The answers to this very serious epidemic will not be easy to produce.  However, one thing appears to be clear: if all stakeholders involved in education can work together and assist each other during these difficult times, then maybe  seasoned educators will be rejuvenated and our high school graduates would once again enter one of the most rewarding career fields—EDUCATION!

“People in the teaching field that enjoy the profession need to work on recruiting new, young people,” said high school math teacher Mrs. Dawn Frank. “I love my job most days, but I see it not only as a job but as an integral part of my life. I want the school, my coworkers, and my students to thrive. If it is just a job for a paycheck, new teachers will not stay.  It has to mean more, and I believe for many that is intrinsic.”

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