February 13, 2020

From major research on football players at the collegiate level it is clear that your average routine hit that can jar the body and jerk the neck can cause a decrease in white matter deep in the brain. Thousands of CDC reports have come out and a slew of case studies surrounding concussions have brought exposure to the real hard statistics.

The effects of constant hitting is a huge concern that we need to focus on.”

— AD Charlie Burch

“That is the risk you take when you decide to play sports like football. You can design any helmet on the Earth and it isn’t going to to reduce the risk of concussions. The brain shifts inside the skull when you get hit and that’s just the way concussions occur,” said Jesse Glass.

The baseline of our personalities, the ability to love and learn, the actions we make  simple, from breathing all the way to performing incredible feats of strength and creativity – it all boils down to a little three pound organ protected by a 6.5 millimeters skull.

It is our life blood held up by a tiny stem in a small cocoon and athletes need to protect it. You only get one brain, and the effects from damaging it are exponential. At the same time, athletes will always want to push the boundaries of their physical abilities, and with concussions being an injury that is nearly impossible to prevent, schools like B-A may always be playing a game of catch-up.

“The effects of constant hitting is a huge concern that we need to focus on. We can’t change the past, but we can change the future and help minimize the effects on the brain,” said athletic director Mr. Charlie Burch.

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