Sensational Sophs: Payge Heater

She loves reading and poetry but prefers science classes


Sophomore Payge Heater has enjoyed her time at Bellwood-Antis High School.

Payge Heater is a Bellwood-Antis sophomore who is always in a good mood and always smiling. She is willing to help out and give anyone positive advice.

Payge loves to write poetry and read novels of any kind.

English teacher Mr. Naylor says, “There’s not much Payge can’t do. She was the perfect English student and she loves to read. Payge was highly motivated to write in class and on her own. I loved having her in class and I love her spirit and personality.”


BluePrint: In what ways have you changed since freshman year?

Payge: I believe I have become more confident in what I do. I used to be very shy. I’m willing to try and experiment with more things life has to offer. It could simply be a food at a restaurant you never had.

BluePrint: Who do you look up to at B-A and why?

Payge: I don’t have a certain person I look up too, but I happen to feel inspired by people who excel at a certain subject or have an unusual skill. It’s them who make me want to strive to discover myself.

BluePrint: If you could go back and give ‘freshman you’ one piece of advice, what would it be?

Payge: I would tell ‘freshman me’ to try and out-go herself. I didn’t really participate in a lot of things, so I may have missed out on some fun.

BluePrint: What’s the best part of going to school at B-A?

Payge: B-A has some of the nicest teachers and students you will ever know. It will make you wish you had the same classes every year.

BluePrint: What is your interest in reading?

Payge: I am into fantasy and choose-your-own-adventures books, because I can interact and ‘control’ how the story plays out. I like fantasy because it makes you forget about reality and lets your mind go nuts with vivid images.

BluePrint: What inspires you to write poetry?

Payge: The topic I pick may be totally random, but I like to see how it turns out in the end. I just go with the flow when I’m writing my poems.

Parents: Melissa Batts and Albert Heater

Favorite Movie: Aliens vs. Predators Requiem

Favorite Class: Any science class

Favorite Food: Monkey bread

Favorite B-A Lunch: Alfredo

Activities: Church