BAMS Students of the Week Named


Shawna Lovrich

This week’s BAMS Students of the Week are: (L to R) Addison Kovac, Kaiden Hundt, Madison McFarland & Olivia Baney.

This BAMS teachers have selected four Students of the Week, one from each grade level, based on the following criteria: Individuals who stand out and are hardworking and respectful. This week’s achievement goes out to these students:

In fifth grade, Addison Kovac was chosen by the 5th Grade Team because she is very kind and helpful and always follows school rules. Addison is a pleasure to have in class.

In sixth grade, Kaiden Hundt was nominated by the 6th Grade Team because he is hard working, well-mannered and respectful. Kaiden is a pleasure to have in class.

In seventh grade, Madison McFarland was selected by the 7th Grade Team because she a very kind, helpful and pleasant student.  She is hardworking, considerate and a good role model.

In eighth grade, Olivia Baney was picked by the 8th Grade Team because she is consistently positive, hardworking and academically focused. She’s an absolute joy to have in class.

Congratulations to these Students of the Week! Keep up the awesome work!