THE POWER OF 3: Top 3 Super Bowl foods


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In the United States the Super Bowl is basically another holiday where a lot of families and friends get together and watch the two best football teams of the season go head to head.  Even if you don’t like football you probably end up attending a Super Bowl party for the food because it’s so good.

Today I’ll be ranking the top three Super Bowl foods.

  • This is probably one of my personal favorite foods ever and it’s jalapeno poppers.  They are basically hollowed out jalapenos stuffed with cheese and spices and usually fried too keep all the cheese in, but some people like to wrap them in bacon to make them extra american.  Jalapeno poppers are really good since they are a little spicy and you can put sauce on it which is really good.
  • If you’re going to get chips for your party, you’re going to need a dip. You could just get the normal salsa, which is pretty good, or you could get buffalo chicken dip, which is very good and a little more filling than just salsa.  You could make your own buffalo chicken dip or go to the store and get the dip at different levels of hotness. Buffalo dip is really good when it’s nice and hot and will go very well with the other foods at your Super Bowl party.
  • Another one of the best foods you can have at the Super Bowl is shrimp cocktail.  Shrimp cocktail is a refreshing food to eat after you ate a ton of spicy foods and usually the shrimp is one of the first things to go at any party because they taste so good.

Super Bowl parties are a lot of fun, but Im pretty sure the best part is the food, and if you’re going to get any food you should probably get all of these if you want to have a good time with your friends.