Make Your Mark!


Courtesy Photo

7th grade students (L to R) Emily Zacker, Gianna Juart and Kaitlynn Brallier making their mark on the middle school.

Make Your Mark is a fun new way for students to represent themselves in the B-A middle school. Teachers opened up this opportunity to students just recently as a part of the school-wide PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions & Support) program. The Leadership Team assisted with the project by selling hand prints for the activity. 

Students had the option to pay $1 to have their hand print added to a canvas that will be placed on the halls of the middle school. Signups for this project occurred in the cafeteria every morning, and when it was close to the last selling day, the Leadership Team made announcements in each classroom as well. 

All of the students that signed up got the chance to have their hand print added to a canvas. There were various paint colors available, and students could also choose different areas for the placement of their hand print.

All in all, Make Your Mark has been a very successful way to enable BAMS students to make a permanent name for themselves in the middle school! In fact, the ideas was so successful that hand prints will continue to be sold for the rest of the year.