BAMS Students Deliver Valentine Cards to Nursing Homes 


Ava Patton

BAMS students enjoyed visiting the residents at Epworth Manor.

To spread love for Valentine’s Day, students from the Bellwood-Antis Middle School went to the Colonial Courtyard and Epworth Manor Senior Living Center to deliver cards that were made by Mr. Hescox’s seventh and eighth grade science classes.

Allison Kendall, Brooke Hescox, Hannah Waite, Bryson Hescox, Ashtin Patton and Ava Patton were the seven students who delivered the cards to the seniors at those two Tyrone nursing homes. We asked them what they were thinking and feeling during the process of completing this act of kindness, and this was their reaction. 

Since the residents did not know the students were going to be delivering cards, most of them were very surprised. “I loved seeing the elderly people’s reaction when I gave them the cards,” said 7th grader Allison Kendall.

Brooke Hescox also added, “I enjoyed seeing the seniors’ reactions.”

Actually, most of the students appreciated witnessing the heartwarming responses from the residents so due to the success of the activity, the students are looking forward to doing it again.