Out of the Darkness walk


Members of the Bellwood-Antis Aevidum club will be at the Out of the Darkness walk this weekend at mansion park.

This Saturday, September 27, all students are invited to come out to Mansion Park and participate in the Out Of the Darkness walk. Registration is from 9 a.m.-10  a.m., but Mrs. Adams is encouraging all students from Bellwood-Antis to meet at 9:30 a.m. to register and walk together.

Proceeds from the walk benefit the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

The walk will start out with an opening ceremony, and all the participants will walk from 10:15 to 11:15. After the walk there will be a remembrance ceremony and sharing or survivors.

Dan Hollen, an Aevidum representative, said he participates in this walk to help people know that they don’t have to go through the same things that he did.

“I think this walk is more of a pair-share opportunity for me as someone who has been through the same things to know I’m not alone,” said Hollen.

When asked about the Out Of the Darkness walk, Mrs. Adams said “It’s important for the students in our community to be aware of suicide and depression. We deal with a lot of kids that feel this way, and I don’t want them to feel helpless. I think the students walking together will build cohesion. I don’t want it to be sad, I want people to realize we are walking together for a cause. The thing about suicide is that it covers anyone: rich, poor, athlete, or anyone else. That’s why I really encourage students to join Aevidum. It’s a great club for students to be a part of and be surrounded by friends.”

Mrs. Adams is asking that the students participating this Saturday to wear Bellwood-Antis attire. “I think it would be nice for Bellwood to show support along with the other schools that will be there. It will show how great our student body really is.”

Mrs. Adams, Mr. McNaul, and Mr. Stewart will all be walking alongside all students that are participating. Mrs. Adams added that if everything goes well this year she would like to provide student transportation to the event next year.