SUPER SENIOR: Raven Criscitello


Caroline Nagle

Raven Criscitello jumped ahead one grade when transferring from Bishop Guilfoyle to B-A.

Senior year is hard, and starting at a new school is even harder. But can you imagine not only being a senior at a new school, but also skipping a whole grade?

This week’s spotlight senior is Raven Criscitello! It is Raven’s first year at Bellwood-Antis after transferring from Bishop Guilfoyle.

Raven skipped her junior year so she could finish high school early. 

When moving to a new school, one of the biggest concerns for a new student is what the new curriculum, teachers, and students will be like. A new school means a whole new environment. 

“The teachers are super nice and helpful, and all of the students have been nice as well,” Raven said. “I’ve also taken a lot of AP classes at BG, so I’m used to fast paced classes. My favorite class so far is actually CHS physics, which is a more demanding class.” 

Skipping a grade is a big decision, but for Raven, it’s just what made sense. 

“I only needed a couple of credits to graduate, so it wasn’t necessary for another year of high school,” she explained. 

A new thing for everyone at Bellwood is the new air conditioning unit and it is actually Raven’s favorite thing about Bellwood. 

One big day-to-day change from BG to Bellwood is the fact that BG has to wear uniforms, but Bellwood does not, which is an upside and downside of Bellwood for Raven.

“I like being able to wear leggings and sweatpants, but I don’t like having to choose what I wear everyday,” she said. 

Raven is also involved in volleyball at Bellwood, a sport she also she also played at BG.

“I love my team and coaches. My coach from BG and Coach Mckinney are both very encouraging and passionate about coaching,” Raven explained. 

Overall, since moving to Bellwood, Raven has taken on the struggles of coming to a new school, skipping a grade, and senior year with a brave face.