Just Juniors – Rozalyn Yancey


Edyn Convery

Rozalyn Yancey is one of the more talented artists walking the hallways of Bellwood-Antis.

You might have seen Rozalyn around the school, but do you really know her? Rozalyn is a sweet girl. She’s a great artist and an overall good student!

Here are a few answers to questions the BluePrint asked Rozalyn!

BluePrint: What are you looking forward to about your junior year?

Rozalyn: Prom.

BluePrint: What do you like about Bellwood-Antis?

Rozalyn: The sports teams.

BluePrint: If you could retake any class at BA, what would it be and why?

Rozalyn: Earth Science because it’s easy.

BluePrint: Who inspires you and why?

Rozalyn: My mom because I think that she is a good person to look up to.

BluePrint: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Rozalyn: A college graduate studying zoology.

BluePrint: What is something about yourself that no one at BAHS knows?

Rozalyn: I have three sisters and a brother.

BluePrint: Favorite Movie?

Rozalyn: Dumb and Dumber.

BluePrint: Favorite Book?

Rozalyn: The Harry Potter Series.


Rozalyn: Psychology.

BluePrint: Favorite Food?

Rozalyn: Strawberries.

BluePrint: What’s your favorite song as of right now?

Rozalyn: Black Beauty – Lana del Ray.

BluePrint: Who is your favorite teacher here at BAHS?

Rozalyn: Mrs. Smith.

BluePrint: Any clubs you participate in?

Rozalyn: Tech club, Art club, Leo club, Spirit club, and Aevidum.