Grade levels at B-A choose officers



Grade levels elected class officers last week. Presidents included Joe Dorminy (senior class, top left), Cooper Keen (junior class, top right), Gavin Ridgway (sophomore class, bottom left) and Chance Schreier (freshman class, bottom right).

Congratulations to all of the class officers.

Every grade level at Bellwood-Antis completed its class officer elections last week, giving ninth tenth, eleventh and twelfth grades strong leadership groups for the 2020-2021 school year.

Class officers for each grade level are as follows:


President- Joe Dorminy

Vice-President- Jake Bollinger

Secretary- Zach miller

Treasure- Sicily Yingling

committee members- Zach Mallon and kaitlyn Dickenson


President-Cooper Keen

Vice-President-Caedon Poe

Secretary- Sofia nelson

Treasure- Sean Mallon

Social chair- Aarron Laird, Anna Lovrich and Emma Chronister


President- Gaven Ridgway

Vice-President- Dylan Andrews

Secretary-Caleb Beiswenger

Treasure- Ava Miller


President- Chance Schreier

Vice-President- Cole Dickenson

Secretary- Miranda Tornatore

Treasure- Jake mercer

Boy social chair- Ethan Robertson

Girl social chair- Kate heisler