Middle school keeps up moral with virtual talent show



Gianna Juart sings “I Can’t Help Falling in Love with You” for the middle school’s virtual talent show.

Caroline Nagle , Feature Editor

Bellwood-Antis Middle School students and teachers have been keeping spirits up, despite the tough times of COVID-19.

Last week, the middle school students had a spirit week and Thursday turned it into a little competition, now known as homeroom wars. Each homeroom dressed up together and they got very creative. The winner of homeroom wars was Mr. Conlon’s homeroom with ‘Jake from State Farm’ and ‘Flo from Progressive.’ There was even a trophy involved.

However, the highlight of their Thursday was the virtual talent show, organized by Mr. Hunter. Mr. Hunter is a new teacher this year at Bellwood and he is already making the school a better, more positive place for our middle school students. All middle school students were sent to their homerooms for the second half of the day to watch a talent show on the televisions.

The idea for the virtual talent show was brought up as a way for students to be able to show off their talents in a safe way due to COVID-19. The talent show consisted of student talent acts and teacher filler acts, such as competitions between themselves.

“I think it’s fun for students to be able to show off their talents in general; however, due to COVID, the normal assemblies that we would have, we can’t now. Doing it virtually, in homerooms, was the alternative that we came up with for a fun and positive afternoon for the students,” Mr. Hunter explained.

This is an era of uncertainty and with this being the first virtual talent show at Bellwood, you would be expecting some technical difficulties. However, despite some technical difficulties at the beginning, it went well overall.

“The kids seemed to enjoy it, the kids that sent in videos really seemed to enjoy it, and I actually got a lot of positive feedback from fellow teachers that they also enjoyed it. Overall, for this being the first time we did it it went great, but there are definitely some things we can approve upon in the future,” Mr. Hunter said.

Max Miller was voted the talent show winner for his rendition of “Old Town Road.”

Videos from the event are featured here. Keep checking back as more videos are added.