Students prepare for the possibility of being virtual following holiday break


Kerry Naylor

High school students back up their iPads in preparation for a possible move to virtual learning in the face of rising COVID numbers.

Jake Bollinger, Editor in Chief

A shock came to students today around 1 p.m. when they learned that the school would possibly be closing for two weeks after thanksgiving break. 

As of now students will come to school as scheduled for tomorrow, but they should take all materials home in case they would not be returning to school in person until December 11.

As COVID-19 cases rise dramatically in Pennsylvania, with 6,000 new cases added Monday alone, many schools are taking similar measures. Tyrone recently went virtual for senior high, and following Thanksgiving break middle school students there will go virtual while elementary students go hybrid.

The School Board is said to be hosting an emergency meeting later today to finalize a decision.

Senior Zach Miller has mixed emotions on the situation. “I would so much rather be in school, but if this is something that we have to do in order to make the school and students safer then I’m all for it,” he said. 

Others felt a decision to go virtual would be a responsible one.

 “With the positive trend in cases in the area I think its a good idea to have that two weeks with virtual learning,” said Mr. Crowell, the shop teacher here at Bellwood. “I strongly believe that it could make the school safer, especially with everyone having gatherings for thanksgiving and potentially being exposed. As much as I like being in person and being able to do work in the shop, this seems like the more responsible decision to make.”

Bellwood is currently one of only a handful of school that have remained open without interruption  throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.  

No decision has been finalized, but students and teachers have been informed of the possible closure, and must prepare to go virtual if the school board rules in favor.