BA prom has uncertain future


Courtesy photo

Seniors Raven Criscitello, Lauren Heisler, Caroline Nagle, Malia Danish, Haley Campbell, and Caitlyn McCartney pose outside of Bee Z Acres before prom last summer. COVID-19 restrictions limiting large gatherings of students could result in another prom event unsanctioned by Bellwood-Antis this year.

Jack Luensmann, Staff Writer

As large gatherings become a less and less common part of our vocabulary due to COVID-19, one particular upcoming event is still a toss-up: the prom.

“Everything is fluid,” says head of the prom committee Mrs. Dawn Frank. “I haven’t been able to meet with the junior class officers, nor has the junior class conducted a fundraiser. Even when we can meet, the restrictions on how many people are permitted at indoor venues is constantly in flux. I would hate to spend the class monies on favors and decorations for a prom that doesn’t happen.”

Although many details are not set in stone, the prom committee does have a venue booked at the Lakemont Casino on April 30 from 7:30 P.M. to 10:30 P.M. However, COVID restrictions will prohibit full capacity, and attendees will have to wear masks.

Many BA seniors are hopeful for their senior prom.

“It’s my senior prom, and I don’t want to miss it,” said Trenton Pellegrino. “COVID has taken away a lot from my senior year, but I HOPE it doesn’t take this.”

“I hope it happens, even if we just get a smaller prom from previous years,” says senior Zach Miller. ”It’s fun to be around all your friends and it would be nice to have one last time to get with them to have a fun night before we graduate.”

Senior Joe Dorminy would concur with Miller.

“I hope prom happens because I’d love to have that experience of a high school prom for my senior year with all my friends.”

Junior Cooper Guyer is optimistic towards his junior prom. He says:

”I really hope I don’t miss my junior prom. It’s a high school experience you really can’t miss out on. I think by this time that there will be less COVID restrictions, especially with a vaccine.”

Prom was cancelled last spring, along with all other school-sponsored activities, as a result of the nationwide quarantine to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. However, by summer the parents of both the junior and senior class helped to organize separate proms for each grade level, which were held at Bee Z Acres in Warriors Mark. The events were not organized by the school.