Military Corner: Aiden McFarland


Caroline Nagle

Aidan McFarland is planning on serving the country in the United States Army.

Aiden McFarland is a senior at Bellwood-Antis who plans on serving his country after graduation this June. 

Out of all the different branches in the military, Aiden is joining the army because it has the widest range of job opportunities. 

Aiden has always been interested in enlisting in the military because likes what it stands for. 

“I want to serve my country,” Aiden explained. 

There are so many different jobs and positions available in the military, but Aidan plans on doing small arms and artillery repairs. As of right now, he plans on serving for 8 years. 

After serving, Aiden is thinking of possibly doing law enforcement. 

There are many steps you have to take to enlist in the military. First Aiden had to talk to a recruiter, then do a lot of paperwork, followed by passing several physicals and mental tests. 

“The final step is waiting for graduation,” Aiden said. 

Going from a small town like Bellwood then into the military is a big adjustment, but one Aiden is excited for despite him missing a few things that will always make Bellwood home. 

“I’m definitely going to miss my family, being around my friends, and the peacefulness of Bellwood,” Aiden said. 

Congratulations on enlisting Aiden and good luck!