OPINION: Cancel Culture


Andrew Crocker

William Shakespeare, whose works have come under fire for their “whiteness,” is the next in a long list of figures to find themselves in danger of being cancelled.

Cancel culture is a serious problem in the US. People will be fired, lose anyone who works for them, and receive threats if they so much as say something that certain people disagree with. These things have only become more prevalent over the past few years, and they almost exclusively go one way. 

One highly publicized example in recent days involves Disney firing Gina Carano. You see she made a post calling out political division in the US and comparing it to pre WWII Germany. This was called insensitive and insulting. Meanwhile Pedro Pascal compared Republicans to Nazi’s, but received no condemnation. What’s worse is Disney used and thanked the Turpan Public Security Bureau, which runs the concentration camps in Xinjiang province. What we see is Disney and people of their ideology are ok with concentration camps, but not people of the other political party. At the same time when a worker was fired for refusing to not wear a Black Lives Matter mask to work activists got the business shut down. One side can do or say anything, but the other are not allowed to even speak up for their beliefs. 

This is a horrible example, but it gets far worse. The media and even politicians will lie about what happens to demonize an opposing ideology. They will also try to get you arrested. A very recent example comes out of Britain. A man made a rather insulting tweet about a war hero who had died. Personally, I find what he said reprehensible, but if you don’t stand for all speech, even what you disagree with, then you do not stand for freedom of speech. Well, he is being charged. 

Britain has never had very good freedom, so what about the US. There are several recent very large examples. Many have come out of the Capitol Riot. For example many lies have spread about an officer who died after the capitol riot. The lies espoused by the media and during the impeachment trial said that he was beaten to death. This could not be farther from the truth. He died of natural causes. The officer had died of stroke, not from being struck by a fire extinguisher, like was reported. This information came out on January 8, but the large media outlets ignored it until after the impeachment. The riot was bad enough already without these lies, but the media and democratic politicians just have to keep pushing to demonize everyone on the other side, regardless of whether they were actually involved in that horrible event or not. 

Many lies were spread during the impeachment trial by the prosecution. They went as far as to manufacture evidence. They used photoshop to “recreate” a tweet. That altered the image, slightly, but did alter it. They added a blue check mark to the person Trump retweeted to make the tweet seem as if it was from a mainstream personality. The media defends this by dancing around the fact. They say the claim is false because the date was corrected prior to trial. 

This may not seem bad, but it gets far, far worse. They edited video to make it seem as though Trump called for violence. They played the part in which he called people to go to the capital, but conveniently left out the part where Trump tells his supporters to “walk down to the Capitol” to “cheer on our brave senators and congressmen and women.” He also argued that those who did not stand up for him were primaried out of office. Trump clearly suggested

peaceful protest and reform, not violence, yet these facts are conveniently left out of videos used in the impeachment and not covered by the media. 

Even still there are people who would call for violence and defend months of rioting. Many Democratic politicians including Kamala Harris fundraised for the rioters. They called for rioting for months, yet these people face zero repercussions because the media and those who would go after people for speech are on their side. These are the people who are calling for “truth commissions”. They will target those who oppose them until no one can stand against their authority and it must be stopped.