Big win over Juniata Valley moves the Blue Devils to 3rd in the District 6 rankings


A stellar performance Tuesday night from the three starting seniors helped boost the Blue Devils over Juniata Valley, 77-52

Zach Miller put up a whopping 24 points, followed by Zach Mallon with 19, and Trenton Pellegrino with 14. 

The Blue devils started strong right out the gate outscoring Juniata Valley 38-16 in the first half, and they kept the energy going through the second putting up 24 points in the third quarter. 

Going into this game the boys were ranked 5th in the 3A District 6 rankings, but this win bumps them up to 3rd right behind Philipsburg-Osceola in 2nd, and Bishop Guilfoyle who holds the 1st place ranking. 

If the boys win their final game against West Branch tonight they will hold the 3 seed, and could possibly host their first round playoff game here at Bellwood. 

This win puts the Blue Devils at (10-6)  on the season, and (9-2) in the ICC.